The Politics of Skiing

I am politically opinionated and active. I bet by reading this site you could not tell, huh?

Quite simply put, every time I have read the disclaimers, terms, conditions, warnings, and other fine print I come across while skiing — I have yet to see anything binding me to a particular political platform. I bet you have yet to see that too.

Mind you, I am talking about the politics of governance of society, that is, the whole Republican vs. Democrat thing. I am not talking about members of the local ski club bickering about where to have the big trip.

Politics has no place on this site. I am too busy generating enthusiasm for and promoting skiing to push a political agenda.

The issue I see coming up often when talking of skiing is global warming. It is understandable why this should be, but you will not see discussion of that topic here. You may have strong feelings on that topic or other similar ones, but there is no shortage of venues focusing on those topics on the Internet, is there? Visit The Daily Kos or Michelle Malkin’s site if you want to go on about such topics.

I have strong beliefs and one of those is the need for politicsless zones. Some people have a hard time with that, and a harmless question or bringing up a random point of conversation can launch them into a political rant. I do not want that happening here, the topics of discussion here are skiing-centric.

Skiing is at the center of this universe and the planets revolve around skiing — politics is banished to another alternate universe.

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  1. Funny. Yep, Politics is better left for the coffee shops and taverns of the town. The hill is for skiing. I do hope that the globe does not warm too much. I enjoy snow and skiing – not to mention the key environmental and ecological aspects of having a watershed. Meanwhile, I will just keep on thinking SNOW. That’s pretty much what I have done for the last 26 years of skiing.

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