The Philippine Ski Federation

The Philippine Ski Federation
The Philippine Ski Federation
Being we are all pumped up about skiing and paying attention to Erol Kerr of the Jamaican ski team (actually the Jamaican ski team) a buddy notified me of: The Philippine Ski Federation (PSF).

From the PSF website:

Philippine Ski Federation has been a member of FIS (Federacion Internacionale de Ski – the world governing body) since 1999. Currently, PSF participates in two to the 9 disciplines under the FIS, namely alpine skiing and snowboarding. Also currently, our athletes and coaches come from United States and Canada. We are the only country, without snow, that consistently sends snowboarders and skiers to the World Cup and World Championships for the last 5 years. Truly we are unique as a people and a country!

This is very cool, now I need to find a way I can support this effort!

Good Stuff!

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