Another Sign of the Times

College Hoops goes good with Skiing!
Another Sign of the Times
The UW Badgers kicks off their basketball season as I type this post. More than football I associate NCAA Division I men’s basketball with ski season. In fact I enjoy watching a good college basketball game after a hard day on the slopes more than nearly anything else.
I have written about this before but it is worth revisiting. Tonight, shortly after I schedule this post the UW Badger Basketball team will start its 2010-2011 season. The Badgers are always competitive and while it has been a while since they have done well in the Tourney, they do well enough there is always hope, surely we they will get an invite and have been perennial contenders for an automatic bid. The only question is how good of a seed do they get.

So my hats off to the UW Badgers and good luck with their season. I hope to while away the time after a day of skiing listening to you dominate an opponent in the Tourney.

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