Bicyclist Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter

Most of the stories mixing up manslaughter and bicycling involve the motorist killing the biker, however, in San Francisco a bicyclist recently plead guilty to manslaughter, he collided with a pedestrian who later died from the injuries.

From the Fox News Story:

Prosecutors said Bucchere was riding recklessly and had run several red lights that morning when he struck Hui as he and his wife crossed a street in the Castro District.

Hui died four days later of injuries from the collision. His wife was not hurt.

I do not have the quote in front of me, but I saw another story where Bucchere stated he was too committed to stop so he chose the path through the intersection with the least amount of people and unfortunately, Mr. Hui was there.

This is an egregious case of recklessness. I confess, I often slide stop signs, that is, I do not always come to a complete and full stop, but I am well under control and fully prepared to stop, and if I have to I stop (some intersections do deserve the full stop treatment and I fully honor stoplights). Admittedly, my main concern is cars hitting myself as 95%+ of my miles are in farmland. In an urban environment you as a bicyclist are in the middle of the energy spectrum!

The Wisconsin Bike Federation is pushing a law that will define auto accidents leading to the death of a biker, a pedestrian, a construction worker, etc as a felony. I wonder if that law is apply to bicyclists as well?

Mr. Bucchere avoided a prison term and that is not just.

What do you think? Should Mr. Bucchere serve time?

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  1. Had to watch the video to learn he was going 32. That’s not that difficult to get, especially on a downhill stretch.

    How’s this as a possible rule for stop signs: If you’re near a stop sign and see a car, come to a full stop. For one thing, that would help cyclist-motorist relations.

  2. I just saw the video myself, they really feed into the stereotypes don’t they? Even Beckel was trying to outdo everyone else.

    32 mph is not that hard to hit, I need a downhill but less than last year to hit 32 mph. Dude in SF was clearly not thinking of anyone else but his need for speed and that is why many people detest bicyclists. I was shocked to hear the number of pedestrians injured by bicyclists in NYC, I wonder how that compares to automobiles?

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