No Surprise on Ryan Braun

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The PEDphile Ryan Braun

the PEDphile Ryan Braun
The PEDphile Ryan Braun

Do we call him Lance Braun or Ryan Armstrong? Ryan Braun is back in the news this time getting hit with a 65 game suspension from playing baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers. In a similar case an athlete won an appeal against a positive dope test on a chain of custody grounds and again testing caught up with the samples and that fellow was no longer able to lie. This case followed the same pattern and the previous case the athlete is Lance Armstrong.

When Lance Armstrong finally confessed to doping I wrote about that in relation to this case. I did not refer to Ryan Braun by name in that piece, but it is pretty clear to whom I am referring to. The piece is not dated, but my records show I published it on February 18, 2013:

Not a pedophile, but PEDphiles — athletes who take performance enhancing drugs (PED) to get the extra edge to win. Here in Wisconsin one of the star athletes on one of our professional teams is constantly the subject of doping stories. Unfortunately, this story is following the same trajectory as the Lance Armstrong saga.

Ryan Braun — No Disappointment Either

I was well convinced Ryan was guilty back when I wrote that piece, I had been holding out hope he was innocent and something was dodgey about the test or process on his first positive test, but when I started to look at the Lance Armstrong case in more detail I knew Braun was doping. So now that Braun confessed, I am not surprised and I am not disappointed. I was not even disappointed when I came to the realization he was a doper.

Ryan Braun — The Lies

We all lie usually to ourselves and sometimes to others, and once in a great while to both. Clearly Ryan was doing both, he knew he was doping and then he knew he was lying to everyone else. Am I mad at that? No I am not because even when I am paying attention to baseball I do not expect much better.

Pro athletes have never been worthy of the idolization they get. They have a super talent in a very nichey human activity that does not then mean they have character to match. I can not recall who it was, (Charles Barkley I think) who got on child’s case telling the child not to admire him. I remember a lot of backlash against Mr. Barkley (if he was the one) for that, but he was right! That is too bad, but it is all still a good lesson human vice and weakness.

Ryan Braun — I Did Defend Him

I did at first when the story broke. Unfortunately, the way the story broke made Braun’s case for sample tampering easier to believe. I wonder, if the case would have been kept quiet per the MLB process if MLB would have been able to make their charges stick the first time? After all, someone in MLB leaked the story breaking one set of protocols who is to say another set were not broken.

Ryan Braun — Have a Take!

What do you think about the Ryan Braun saga?

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