Biting the Snow with your Nose

For Intermediate Skiers
For Intermediate Skiers
I confess, I am not an advanced skier. Despite that, I do not feel I have to take on the double-black diamond runs in Aspen to write about skiing.

In fact, one of the reasons I write this site is to help me contact people and other sources of information to help me improve my skiing, and I hope in turn some of my readers can take away some tips and ideas to help them improve their skiing.

I just uncovered a major mistake in my skiing and the discovery was due to the efforts I am making with The Wisconsin Skier. I caught a video of an excerpt from The Sofa Ski School by Klaus Mair. It was one video and he demonstrated some exercises to give intermediate skiers a better idea on carving. It was drop your poles, lower yourself by flexing down at your knees, grab your knees with the palms of your hand, STEP X, and then push your knees to the inside of the turn.

Where I was messing up was with STEP X which was advancing your inside ski relative to the outside ski. I used to advance the outside ski (at least when I was thinking about it, when skiing hard, maybe I was advancing the inside ski). In one book I have, the author constantly talks about feeling for the way the ski interacts with the snow. Namely, how on a turn initiation you should feel the nose of the ski grab and start forcing the ski to turn. I never felt that until last weekend.

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