Midwest Ski Film Festival

Not too long ago I was googling up on something related to skiing in the upper midwest and I came across The Midwest Ski Film Festival based in Milwaukee. Obviously I am intrigued by this.

I asked the The Skiing Examiner who is one of tweeties (however, I have not actually met Eric) if he has heard of the Midwest Ski Film Festival. He informed me he had not, even though Eric is based in nearby Chicago-land.

I am intrigued by this. However, I do have one reservation. I fear the show is only going to be showing people ripping it up down nearly impossible powdered steeps and spectacular wipeouts. I understand, the films are being made by those wanting to break into the larger film industry and are showing their talents at the technical aspects of film making. However, I do not need to see one more video of some dude ripping up a mountain to heavy metalish music nor am I particularly keen on seeing montages of ski wipeouts. Ahem, those have been done before.

What I would like to see is some sort of ski film with a borderline general population appeal. Golf’s biggest movie is Caddyshack and I would be okay with that. While Caddyshack is dated it does not appear too bad when watching it now-a-days, however, Hot Dog is definitely a time-machine movie.

I am open and hope to work with the MSFF. Events such as the MSFF fit very well into my mission and goals and it as these events where the ski movie genius I am hoping for will arise from.

Good Stuff!

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