A Change in the Wisconsin Skier Color Theme

the wisconsin skier color theme

The Wisconsin Skier Color Theme
The New Theme
You may have noticed, I have changed the Wisconsin Skier color theme. In fact, I am going to change from the red-green color scheme, on way too many sites discussion website design it has been advised to steer away from ugly color combinations with red-green being frequently tossed into that discussion. In addition, the background may have made it harder to read the posts. I like color and in fact I like bold and brilliant color, so I am a bit saddened by the removal of the color but if it makes things easier for you and others the cost is worth it. I can work color into my graphics and photography!

A Change in the Wisconsin Skier Color Theme — The Winter Three

Blue for the sky so high
Yellow for the sun so warm
White for the snow underfoot

The Bluebird Three those be
Giving cheer
To those weary of winter
To all who pine for spring
To all outdoors in winter gear

Good Stuff!

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