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So you have come to the Wisconsin Skier searching for answers to your questions. Here are your questions and my wise answers! Search and you shall find wise answers!

Search and You Shall Find Wise Answers — The questions and the Answers

  • can i sue a ski resort in Wisconsin after skier to skier collision?
  • ANSWER Yes! You can even sue them for serving up soggy fried cheese curds, the question you should ask though is can you win? Given all I know of this case is the search term, I would say no you will not win, I suggest you sue the skier that hit you, oh-yeah, they probably have the same amount of money as you do and you would spend more time, effort, and money attempting to collect than you would collect.

    I suggest you sue the car dealer that sold the car the other skier rode to the hill in. They have deep-deep pockets and might be so dumb-founded by this silliness they be stunned into being a no-show at the court proceedings you end up winning the case by default.

  • nameing my pot of chili
  • Hmmm, what should you name your pot of chili? I usually call mine Chili the Red. You see I have Norwegian ancestry and this harkens back to my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather Dustin the Magenta. Dustin the Magenta settled the land around Kilarney Ireland and developed our secret family chili recipe, so to honor him and the recipe I call it Chili the Red. However, you can name your pot of chili anything you want.

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