Birds of Prey Ski Race 2015

Birds of Prey Ski Race 2015
B is for Beaver Creek! Source -- Wikipedia Birds of Prey (ski course)

Today is the men’s Birds of Prey Ski race 2015 downhill event! Not quite the Daytona 500 of ski racing (at least two other events beat the Birds of Prey ski race in terms of awesomeness) and that is an exciting thing. Seeing (and reporting on) this event in person is a bucket list item of mine.

There are many many videos of the racers going down the Birds of Prey downhill course but the best video, the video that gives you the best idea of how steep the brink is this one:

Watch the skier’s shadow from about 2:10 through 2:30 in the video and note how far it stretches down the hill and that gives you good idea of how steep the brink is. Conveying steepness over a video medium is very difficult to do. The racers of course also flatten out the brink by having to follow the course which winds it way across the fall line, of course that is NOT saying it is easier for them.

Here is to a safe and exciting Birds of Prey Ski race 2015!

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