Cristian Deville and his Bucking Bronco

For Intermediate Riders
For Intermediate Riders
One benefit of carving is firmer grip on all sorts of snow conditions and the other benefit of carving is that it allows you to add speed above and beyond what gravity allows for. It all comes down to technique and properly changing edges, in order to make a carving turn you have to bend that ski. When you bend that ski you are loading it up with mechanical energy and that energy can be released gradually or it can be released suddenly. If all goes well, that sudden release of the energy in the bent ski will propel you faster down the hill. However, sometimes that can go wrong, if you are lucky you end up in the backseat if you are not so lucky more than a backseating can happen.

Watch this video (courtesy of Universal Sports) of Christian Deville (Italy) skiing the Bormio Slalom’s second run of FIS World Cup skier Cristian Deville:

That ski had enough energy to pop him off of the snow, imagine if he got that all correct? When turning across the fall line you will lose speed, but if you have that kind of force pushing you along you will not lose much speed and maybe even gain speed!

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