Sometimes it IS TOO Cold

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Ice is never fun!
too cold
Sometimes it is TOO COLD!

Despite my recent editorial urging all to get outside despite the cold, sometimes it is too cold! Yesterday and today are just such days where it is just too cold.

Regional snow resorts are suspending snow operations this Sunday and Monday (despite the around 65,000 expected to sit through 3 hours of football in Green Bay) and I agree with that.

The Wisconsin Skier agrees with this suspension provided the resorts compensate their guests who had stay packages at their resorts over those days. People pay good money to stay with a resort and if a resort believes the conditions warrant suspending snow operations that is no fault of the guests and they need to be taken care of. If I show up at the resort with a lift ticket and am denied the opportunity to ride that is something quite different and there is no obligation on the resort’s part.

Too Cold — Not the Guests the Employees

My concern is not for those who will be out on the snow skiing or snowboarding, but instead for the employees who are relatively inactive and are not at leisure to stroll into the lodge or a warming hut at will. Even with proper protection (which their job functions may not allow) they will get dangerously cold eventually.

Indianhead, Blackjack, and Big Powderhorn are showing proper concern for their workers which The Wisconsin Skier salutes.

Too Cold — Compensate Your Guests

Due to the fact this shutdown is voluntary I urge these resorts to compensate their guests who are staying on resort property through a package. If I am staying on a lodging and lift ticket deal and they shutdown I am not going to be happy. I do not believe the full value needs to be returned to the customers, but some sort of comp, such as a complimentary lift ticket for each guest would probably help take the pain off of it.

We all understand there is weather risk when planning ski trips, but all in all, there is no reason people can not ski or snowboard in this weather. The recent women’s FIS racing at Lake Louise was done in nearly identical weather conditions, I do not know if Lake Louise was under a general shutdown and only operated to support the races or if it was fully operating.

Too Cold — Slow Snow

Another reason to not like the extreme cold is the extremely cold snow is slow snow. There are ways to mitigate the slow snow but no way around it 100%

What do you do at times like this?

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