Repairing Ski Bases

Definitely for ALL skiers
For All Skiers
Ski bases should be smooth to the touch. However, we all know that that since they are running over surfaces they are open to the risk of getting gouged by things in the snow. What things? Who knows, maybe hardware from the groomer, gravel during spring skiing, rocks & stones during late spring skiing, your four year old, whatever, things do happen.

Fortunately, gouges in the surface of your ski are easy to repair.

Step 1

Visit your local snow gear shop and ask for a PTEX candle. They come in rounds about 3/8″ diameter and about six to eight inches long. They are not expensive maybe five to ten dollars. I have not heard of any brands on them, just being a stick of plastic.

You also need a scraper of some sort, again your local snow gear shop will have them and again you will pay around $10.00 for their plastic one.

A lighter, you will need the lighter to light the PTEX candle on fire. I would suggest getting one with a reach to it, you don’t want to be dripping molten PTEX on your fingers.

Step 2

So now, get your skis, the PTEX candle, the lighter, your scraper, and rags are always helpful. I would wipe the skis down and then place them on your work surface base sides up.

Step 3

Light one tip of the PTEX candle and hold the flaming end above the gouge you want to fill. The candle will start to drip PTEX and fill the gouge up. Don’t just let it fill and stop, overfill that gouge! Now once the gouge is overfilled blow our your PTEX candle and set it in a safe place and now walk away.

Step 4

Wait for maybe 20-30 minutes to let the PTEX get good and set and then return to the ski. Take your scraper and scrape off of the overfilled PTEX, remember, as much as possible work tip to tail. Eventually, the excess PTEX will be gone and you should no longer notice where the gouge used to be.

In Conclusion

Filling gouges is an extremely easy process that even the klutziest tool person can do on their own.

Good Stuff!

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