Lindsey Vonn Wins Solden GS!

Lindsey Vonn wins Solden GS
Lyndsey Vonn from the Wikipedia

Lindsey Vonn starts off the World Cup season with a GS win at Sölden Austria. How cool is that, I got to watch her winning run and it wasn’t perfect but it was the next thing to perfect and she finished with a one second lead with three skiers to go. As we know, that lead held on.

Yeah, my legs and body were acting out the skiing, how much more had I been watching on a full sized TV?

The weather in the Upper Midwest still tastes of summer at least during the daytime. Today was bright, sunny, and quite warm (for this time of the year). The marigolds are still bringing bees and cabbage butterflies and our garden is still putting out tomatoes and eggplants.

The skiing will be here soon enough, go La Niña go!

Good Stuff!

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