Stolen Skis

Is something I have never had happen to me. However, right now, I’m in a situation where no one would want to bother with my skis, being over ten years old now and while I would like new skis, I’m okay with the not worrying about them being stolen.

I was at a ski resort once and came out of the tavern and went back for some more skiing. I spotted my skis and was about to grab them and an attendant asked me for my check ticket. I had none as the skis I was grabbing were nearly identical models to mine and only when I took a look at the poles did I notice the straps were not Kwik-Strapped up. I hate it when such incidents happen because my intentions were mistaken not dishonest.

However, I know other I have talked with have had problems with their skis being stolen, even here in the Upper Midwest and my father had a set of ski poles exchanged for a beat up pair of poles.

I have never left my gear at a check in and to date have had nothing stolen from myself. It is a shame.

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  1. Actually, you’re one of the lucky ones. Because there are thousands of people who get their gear ripped off every season. Yours was certainly an honest mistake, and those do happen at times. But it’s so easy now for thieves to just grab any skis or board they can get their hands on, then sell them on either craigslist or ebay.

    We started a site where you can register all of your gear for free, and in the even something gets stolen, you can send out an alert to everyone in the general area to keep an eye out for it. And before you flag this for being an “ad,” the site is all free – there’s no charge for anything and we’re not tryin’ to make a buck off anyone. We’re just a group of concerned riders, skiers, boarders, etc. who’ve had our stuff jacked too.

    Check it out:


  2. General Karma,

    Your post was spot on topic and even if it were not for free I would likely most have approved anyway because it is a service for skiers/boarders by skiers/snowboarders and is what I want to promote. Thanks for taking the time and I will check your site out and most likely let the person who inspired this post and they are in a better position than I am to get the word out about your site! Thanks for reading and commenting — The Wisconsin Skier

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