Boards vs. Board

A lot is made of the snowboarder vs. skier battle.

No doubt, when reading message boards and various magazines it does seem like there is real conflict between snowboarders and skiers. However, most of it is in good fun and what is not fun is often hype far from the truth.

What is that truth?

Truth is, there is NO inherent conflict between those who use one board versus those who use two boards. Why would there be? Most of it seems more related to the fact snowboarders are more into tricks than speed. Instead of trying to get to the bottom of the hill as fast as possible they want to catch air and spin around. Most ski resorts now cater to that and develop terrain parks where snowboarders and trick skiers can practice and execute their tricks. Is there a problem? No, there is not.

Every now and then I see a snowboarder who can really work the edges of their board and a good boarder carving their board down the hill is SIGHT to behold.

The only possible avenue of conflict is the fact the majority of boarders are young and display the brashness and excessive risk taking that goes hand in hand with youth. Guess what? That applies to young skiers too.

Since I do not snowboard I am not going to write about it, at least not from a participant’s perspective. Still, I hope snowboarders will feel welcome at The Wisconsin Skier and will read this site. I believe despite the name and emphasis you should be able to get value from this site.

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