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Look Like a Ski Boss!

Deekp Warm Skiing -- a pair of swany ski gloves
Swany Glvoes Making Me Look Like a Ski Boss!

Swany Gloves — Review Disclosure

I purchased the Swany gloves from my own funds and did not receive any deal or considerations for this review. Nor do I have any financial or other interests in Swany gloves, their affiliates, their agents, or the outlet from which I purchased the gloves.

I have initiated this review on my own without being asked and the ad you see is completely independent of this review.

My Old Ski Gloves Retiring to Backup Duty
I retired from active ski-duty my old pair of ski gloves I had received as a Christmas gift from my late grandmother. Those pair of now well-worn gloves served me well and I imagine will continue to do so in activities other than skiing. To replace those gloves I picked up a pair of Swany Gloves. In fact, I also purchased a pair of Swany gloves for my sister-in-law as a Christmas gift. In this article I give you my initial impression of my new Swany gloves. The style on the gloves reads TX-1 Mens Large the X-Calibur TTL gloves, while I can not find that exact style on the Swany website I did find it by Googling and finding it on Amazon.

Swany Gloves — I Like

I like the look of the gloves they add a touch of skier-boss to my look. I also like the fact they are leather and have multiple points I can cinch down the glove to build a tighter barrier against snow and water. I like the materials they are made of and the gloves appear to be durably built and I noticed YKK zippers (a good thing) in the heater pouches.

swany gloves review
Swany Gloves Making Me Look Like a Ski Boss!
One of the selling points of the gloves was the glove fingers are made of material that a device’s touch screen will respond to. I am an active phone user while skiing so at least at first glance that seems like it will be a handy feature. Notice the gloves have a zipper and that accesses a pouch into which you can put a heater into. I am not moved by that, but who knows, maybe I’ll be in a spot where I have ski in -10°F weather (or colder, that would be -23° C) in those conditions such a feature may come in handy, but with the weather I typically skin I would not use it, but I hear frequent complaints from my ski pals their hands are cold, I know many people will use that feature.

Swany Gloves — What I do not Like

Maybe a bit feature rich. There are some danglies I am not certain what they are for. The main one being the straps below the gloves, I suppose to hang them up?

As I said earlier at first the idea of being able to work my devices with the gloves appealed to me. However, I rarely get my devices out while skiing (though they are tracking me and recording heart rate data while I am skiing) and when I do I really don’t think I could work the phones with the fingers, I gave it a quick test and my iPhone 4s responded just fine to my swipes. Still, I did not attempt to use my phones until in on break and where I could do so without worrying about dropping my phone into the snow from high up or have to work fine movements with bulky gloves on.

The cost, I bought the gloves at a local ski and bike shop and I thought the price was high. I am not griping about that so much as I had other choices available, but when I consider the gloves in their entirety I am questioning buying the gloves at that price point.

Swany Gloves — How do they Perform?

So far I have to say no better or no worse than the pair of gloves I am retiring. However, I have not used the heater pouch and that is a feature my old gloves do not have, that I believe will allow for more comfortable skiing at colder temperatures. I can see that coming into use, maybe even for storing cash?

On the whole I am glad I got the new gloves but there is a nagging doubt that I will get good value from them (looking like a ski boss is worth way less than skiing like a ski boss) and believe I could have done better. This will be an open question and not resolve itself for another five or so years when I start to find out how durable these gloves are.

I believe the gloves are a solid but none-the-less I would not recommend buying the Swany X-Calibur TTL Gloves.

Good Stuff!

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  1. Just got my first ever Swany gloves from Denny at the Sports Den in Marshfield. The thing I notice the most (I am warm blooded) is they really do vent well as my hands do not get moist during the hikes to the hill. Used them snowmobiling as well and they jam. Shredded Granite Peak tonight and they were warm and dry!

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