Yet Another Android Application Review (YAAAR)

At one time I had the HWK Waxing Guide installed on my Android device. The description reads:

Become a wax specialist with HWK ski wax! HWK ski wax has been trying to find all the answers for you and is now proud to present the first ski wax App.

I found this application to be so-so. I think it is too in depth for the average skier and too superficial for the professional. I found it to be more about pushing HWK waxes than anything else (I know that shocks you).

However, the application does come with an instructional guide on waxing skis, not that it is a terribly complicated affair, but it is good for people new to ski waxing. Once I got over that, I removed the application, as the only factor I consider when choosing a wax is the anticipated air temperature we will be skiing in. I do not need a wax tree to help me decide what (ahem, Swix) was to use, however, I do need every megaabyte of phone storage I can get.

Good Stuff!

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