Last Ski Trip of 2011



After seeing all of my Twitter & FB ski pals out there skiing out West or overeas, and watching Worldcup skiing on the TV, I finally got out and rode the K2s on New Year’s Eve.

The weather was okay, it was in the upper 20° F area and the air was relatively calm. However, the sun was absent.

My father got his boots on and got to the top of the hill, unloaded okay, and skied down to the backhill lodge. We went in and had some food and drinks, and then he skied to the bottom and got into the truck and called it a day. He has the technique down yet, just need to get him change some things and see if he can get his legs built back up.

I was skiing like the summer never happened. I was driving forward with aggression and focused mostly traversing the hill. I was on edge and making tight turns to get turned around, break out of the turn and ride it out to the other side of the trail. On some of those turns it seemed like I was getting close to the ground.

I had one near incident. I was skiing like I note above and on the very edge of my vision a pair of small skiers registered. I broke out of my traverse and turned enough off of my line to avoid being run down by a couple of young girls, who were skiing in one direction — straight downhill. I skied down after them, thinking to ask if they thought they were going to hit me and to inform them of The Code, but I decided loading up again was of higher priority.

We did not ski on New Year’s Day or today. However, the next trip is in earnest planning mode.

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