Last Weekend Skiing at Devi’ls Head (@DevilsHead)

Last weekend I skied at a new resort which I review in a separate article. However, there was much more to the weekend than simply skiing new territory, as with many of the ski trips there are some solid and good memories I take away plus some extra knowledge I want to share.

Last Weekend Skiing — I Skied with Confidence

This season up to the last trip I have not been skiing well. I have been skiing not so much timidly but have been unable to find the correct mix to get into attacking mode. I finally found that this last weekend and the article I put up on pole planting talks about it. I was not intimidated by anything I skied, I took it easy on the approach to a set of rollers, but after I cleared those I let it go. I made the steepest runs at the end of the day and I managed to get some runs in daylight over there so I had a lot of confidence about the tricks of the trails. I was kinda down about my skiing up to this trip and now that funk is over.

A Day Skiing at Devil's Head
A Day at Devil’s Head

The conditions were good, I was hoping for sun but we only saw a small patch of blue sky that day. The temps were just about right not too warm and not too cold. Meeting my crew worked out well too, I was on the phone in front of one building and my buddy and his wife were walking up that path, I was able to (literally) bump into them before they recognized me, my buddy was beginning to wonder about that jerk not watching where he was walking.

The only problem was the group I was with had a hard time staying together. We did a lot of separate skiing.

Last Weekend Skiing — Apres Ski

Was great too. Lorie dragged me into an American Blind Skier Foundation event and we won four lift tickets to Ski Brule on the raffle! In addition, seeing the friends and hanging with my brother, his girlfriend, and Lorie are way cool all the time!

Last Weekend Skiing — A More Comprehensive Review Coming

I am publishing a more comprehensive review of Devil’s Head resort in the near future, one that focuses not on the personal but on the facts and my opinion of the resort, please stay tuned!

Good Stuff!

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