The Return of Sunshine!

Come on Back Sol, ole Buddy!

Come on Back Sol, ole Buddy!
I walked out of the office today and what did I see? It was peaking over the Western horizon but it was there like I have not seen for sometime. That thing was either under the horizon or it was modestly covered with a dress of clouds. Yes, THE RETURN OF SUNSHINE!

This is easily my favorite period of the ski season. December is not really for skiing (at least for myself) because I am busy preparing for the holidays and this is the time when winter is still fresh for people and they are okay with playing in it. This means lack of deals at the ski resorts and bounty of crowds and long liftlines. January is a good time of the year to ski, but this too is busy with key birthdays occurring. Of course, the sun is on its way back but it is not even a tease in January. Still, you will find me skiing at this time of the year.

Early February, well of course I am skiing and am quite okay with it. However, starting now a number of great factors come in to play.

The Return of Sunshine — The Weather

Cold enough for good snow but warm enough for good times. No need to lay on the layers too thick, but of course not too warm that our snow will run down the hill. Warm enough to sit out on the deck during lunch but cold enough to keep our drinks chill.

The Return of Sunshine — Many More Reasons

Such as:

      College basketball season heats up!
      Driving in the sunshine
      The continued possibility of major snow dumps
      The diminishing possibility of nasty cold

Check out the video and sing it with me, let our song hasten the return of our buddy Sol!

Good Stuff!

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