Laurenne Ross Back on the Boards!

Laurenne Ross
Laurenne Ross Makes Her Return to FIS Alpine Skiing!

Remember this wipeout from about one month ago? It was Laurenne Ross getting backseated and then flung into the fence at Lake Louise in Canada.

Well, Laurenne is back on her skis and participated in the women’s downhill race at Bad Kleinkirchheim in Austria. The crash did not look real nasty but it sounds like the damage done to Laurenne was fairly serious and there are a lot of reminders of that accident left with Laurenne (just saw an interview on Universal Sports).

The biggest problem, for her, fortunately is not the physical but the mental. That mental remnants of that crash can be very difficult to overcome. When I was a boy I was playing little league baseball and got beaned, it took me nearly a whole year to approach the plate without fear, unfortunately, that was as my little league career was ending (and I was really putting the wood on the ball), what happened to Larenne was a lot worse than what happened to myself.

Be not afraid.

Good Stuff!

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