Vermont Ski Safety Institute’s Take on Exercise

One of the things we hear about frequently is how exercising helps prevent injury on the snow. However, the Vermont Ski Safety Institute has an interesting statement on this:

4) Exercise – We are not aware of any proof that an exercise regimen will reduce the risk of the most common or the most serious injuries in skiing. But, in our opinion, you might help to avoid less serious (though none the less painful) muscle strains if you have prepared yourself with skiing-specific exercises. See early season copies of your favorite skiing magazine or talk to a professional trainer before you hit the slopes. You’ll also get in more skiing with less fatigue and you will be better prepared for the rare emergency requiring strength or endurance.

I suppose, if you wipe out in a certain no amount of exercise is going to save you from injury. However, I have a hard time disbelieving if you get on the slopes with well developed, strong, and enduring muscles your chances of any sort of injury is reduced.

A person who has been working out is probably going to be able to maintain and hold better snow form longer than if they did not work out. Maintaining that form is key and being in a position to fight off being backeseated by a surprise bump.

I guess I understand what they are saying, but I fear some may use that as an excuse not to exercise. Don’t you do that!

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