Lindsey Vonn Hurt – Too Much Too Fast?

Lindsey Vonn too much too fast?
Lindsey Vonn suffers a Setback
Ski Racing Magazine reports rescue took Lindsey Vonn off of Copper Mountain on a sled and limped from the finish. Details of what happened and how serious her injury are not being published at the moment.

Lindsey Vonn Hurt — Is She Pushing Things Too Fast and Hard?

That is the question before all who are paying attention this fantastic skier’s career. My personal medical professional says Lindsey is pushing things too hard and while my opinion is that she has top-notch care, the recent interview broadcast on Universal Sports indicates she has been pushing very hard and fast to return to competitive skiing.

The hospital and US SKi Team have not released enough details to understand if this injury is linked to her crash last February, but it is tempting to think that and if so her return for serious competition this season is jeopardy.

Lindsey Vonn Hurt — What Do You Think?

Leave a comment on whether or not you believe Lindsey is endangering her career and health by trying to come back too quickly. She is fierce that is for sure!

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