Holiday Skiing

How many of you ski on holidays?

By holiday I mean the official holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.

We have the opportunity to ski on a number of them, do you carve on thoe days?

I look for opportunity to ski on only one of the big winter holidays, and that is New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day. I would not think of skiing on Christmas, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, or Easter (or Holy Thursday or Good Friday). Not all in my family ski or want to be at the Happy Carving Grounds at this time of the year, so I sacrifice those days.

In any event, I usually give the New Year’s holiday a miss too. No matter the holiday there are just too many people around. However, I did ski new Year’s Eve in 1999 going into 2000 and the hill was not all that crowded. I guess most people were staying close to home for that one. On New Year’s Day we did not ski, but snowmobiled instead.

Other than that, holidays are reserved for family and friends off the hill.

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