More Ski Wisconsin Commentary

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Every February, Will Andersen heads west for a week of serious skiing at one of the top resorts in Utah’s Wasatch Range, where he’ll carve turns on runs that drop from lofty summits around 11,000 feet down to base areas more than 3,000 feet below.

“Wisconsin is where I live and ski most of the winter,” says Andersen, who dwells in rural Dane County and is retired from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “I know that some people who also live here but disdain skiing in the Midwest. Not me.

I have commented on this copiously here, but what alternative is there? Yeah, the slopes are not as long, steep, numerous, or fast. However, the speeds experience in my comfy chair are less thrilling yet! So, I ski here when I can and enjoy it and enjoy being with my family, friends, and fellow skiers.

Get out there folks!

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