Winter is Being a Tease

Steve Smith writing in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Off the Couch sports blog notes:

Most of us spend all summer complaining about precipitation and unseasonably low temperatures, and then winter begins to tease.

It’s as though the wrapping on a gift sitting under the Christmas tree has torn just a bit to reveal that the present juuuussstttt miiiight just be….

Like children following reports on Santa, an anxious segment of the population starts scrutinizing long-range forecasts for rain of the frozen variety. Some of us see blue on the national weather maps and start begging Mother Nature to settle in, below-freezing with a comforting blanket of snow.

Wow, so true. I hear all the reports of snow out West and tune in the TV and watch Lyndsey Vonn skiing to World Cup glory and then another time I see Bode doing the same. I am spending lots of online time watching POV videos of skiers going down Birds of Prey (that doesn’t look that bad) or The Hahnenkamm (WAH! That doesn’t look that bad either, LOL!) and the wait provides me good motivation to get into the gym and work on my physical conditioning.

In any event, with the holiday season full swing skiing isn’t happening just yet. Still, the fact of snow on the ground provides comfort and assurance that ski season is just around the corner.

Good Stuff!

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