Universal Sports is Going Dark

If you are a cyclist or enthusiastic skier you are probably aware of Universal Sports which broadcasts sports outside of the usual sports fare. These sports include cycling, skiing, track and field, triathlons, ice skating, and even more. Obviously, being a cyclist and a skier I am frequently tuning into Universal Sports to watch the cycling and skiing.

Universal Sports is Going Dark

Universal Sports to Go Dark
Universal Sports Going Dark
Now we are informed that Universal Sports is going to halt broadcasting on November 16, 2015. NBC is acquiring the rights to Universal Sports’ current portfolio, so all hope is not lost. However, Universal Sports would rebroadcast FIS alpine skiing events multiple times over the week allowing me to catch the action. Also, I do not believe I will be able to watch events such as the cycle racing beyond the Tour de France which is already not carried by Universal Sports but instead by NBC sports.

We will have to turn to other sources of the coverage.

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