The Monumental Wipeout


The Monumental Wipeout
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We have seen them and probably lived through them.

No one ever wants to wipe out monumentally or otherwise, but of course — it happens.

I typically have one monumental wipeout per year. Rarely do I know the causes, I am skiing along and then there is an eruption of snow and gear. Imminent wipeouts usually they never get passed the imminent stage. I will be skiing down and go to change edges and one edge refuses to let go and attempts yanking me in another direction. A powerful tug of the leg corrects the errant ski. I have those events a couple of times per year, again nine of ten times (or perhaps 19 from 20 times) if I know of an edge catch I do not wipe out.

Often times, I will be skiing down a hotter run and usually trying something new. Then all of a sudden before I know anything is wrong, all is lost, I hit the snow, life goes into slow-mo. Most times I end up on my side and I always wait for and hope for binding release. Sometimes I end up with a face washing sometimes not. Sometimes I end up falling on my poles and sometimes not, sometimes a boot buckle comes undone sometimes not. Most of the times I am a little bit dazed, very rarely am I hurt.

I do a little self check first and if all checks out I pop up quickly so the ski patrol is not scrambling or people do not worry about myself. I pick up my gear, reassemble it all, click back, and fall back in line for my the next chair ride.

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