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Plan Bee -- a bunch of honey bees
Plan Bee in Lieu of Plan A2

Always have a Plan Bee.

Last spring I hatched a plan I dubbed A2. The project hit some snags and it was heading to be a solo trip or one where I would meet my cousin. However, what was an adverse risk to my plan became a fatal reality.

At my job a major project involving my area of responsibility was starting up. The planning to go-live for this project coincides with the time I was planning to be away. The business was initially open to the idea of me taking the time I was asking for (which I had taken off in the past) but of course, if work needs you for a big project then that is their priority. In the end the time I was allowed does not fit the bill even for ½A.

Enter Plan Bee

One ski trip I have always wanted to make is one to Whitefish Mountain in Montana.

A buddy years ago talked about taking the Empire Builder out there and renting a place for a week.

So, I have now been planning in detail spending a Monday-Friday late winter there. I am not looking to get sweet luxury but instead to ski. I am planning on taking lessons to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Ascertain what my skiing ability is
  2. Gain more confidence on the steeps
  3. Get guidance on skiing bumps
  4. Get a good introduction on skiing powder

These are things I need to be better at if I am going to cross off the bucket list trips to ski Niseko or Gulmarg!

Unfortunately, this plan does not involve cycling or SCUBA diving, but it does essentially cross off one major bucket list trip. I also hope to be able to become more familiar with Whitefish and the surrounding area with an eye towards planning a bigger trip with others.

I hope I do not have to resort to Plan C.

Good Stuff!

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