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A Squared -- Planning and Awesome Adventure
An Awesome Adventure is in the Works!
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Project A Squared

Man reading Skiing Magazine on a tropical beach -- Project A Squared
I wonder if skiing is thinking of me?
I am in the early stages of planning an adventure I am calling Project A2 which will be a travelling, family reunion, SCUBA diving, cycling, and skiing adventure.

In January 2006, I was sitting in the tropical land of the Philippines and I conceived and published this piece between sips of San Miguel beer. In September of 2014 we were also in the Philippines and skiing was also on my mind, but I was not “burning snow”.

Project A Squared –The Inspiration

My wife informed me the next family reunion is set for January of 2017 in her hometown in Cebu of the Philippines. My immediate feelings were mixed between the excitement of seeing my wife’s family and my wife in her native land and the sadness I would be burning snow.

I can’t recall the exact moment or what led to the inspiration of Project A2 but the first solid moment of it being in my head was during one of the Wednesday evening Twitter chats: #snowchat.

It hit me that there is skiing outside of North American and there is skiing not too far from where we will be headed. To add to it all, my wife enjoys travel too. So I proposed to her my idea and she was open to it and now we have a couple of her sisters and one of my cousins interested in joining the side trip. This is good, the more the merrier and my wife and her sisters can keep each other company while my cousin and I ski.

The destination is the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido and the world class ski resort of Niseko.

Project A Squared – Planning

The side trip has moved from initial conceptual phase to planning. It is still mostly conceptual, but we are working out dates for the side trip.

I am using a number of resource to plan the trip. The Lonely Planet Guide, the internet, and a travel writing nephew who specializes in touring Japan.

The planning and preparation includes a number of different areas we need to take on. The first are the basic preparations we need to do and then budget planning and provision. We still need to get dates and flights lined up. I have an advantage that my wife’s sister is watching for good fares from her home and I am guessing she’ll be able to score cheaper flights.

Project A Squared – Make the Dream Real!

Important people in my life have had travel dreams. For one it was a Canadian fishing trip, alas the dream died with him in 1987. Another’s dream is a bareboating Caribbean sailing adventure, that dream is still alive but that person is now physically incapable of fulfilling that dream. Another person told me about being in a position of taking her dream trip to Ireland, alas she did not take that trip and she too is now gone. All are very real losses. I don’t want to be in that position in my final days regretting trips not taken dreams not at least attempted.

I Have Been There!

Two lions sleeping -- I saw this in person in the Serengeti not on TV  -- Project A Squared
I took this photograph in the mid-90s in the Serengeti!
I don’t dream of watching things on TV or on the big screen (who does?). I dream of doing those things we see on the TV. One of the coolest things for me is watching TV and seeing somewhere I have been! When people tell me of the Amazing Race at the top of Jebel Hafeet I can tell them how I was close to pushing my car off of the edge of that mountain, I can discuss in detail how the NPA stopped me and my companions at a checkpoint in the Philippines (no problems, they were just collecting “a toll” from our driver). I can tell the story about a night of music, drinks, and conversation in an Irish pub as well as the time I told an IRA joke in Tipperary Town (word of warning, don’t do that).

Project A Squared – This Series

A pool at Mainit Springs in Cebu Philippines -- project a squared
A Tropical Pool in Cebu Philippines
I plan to post regular instalments on the progress of Project A2. These could deal with any aspect of the project even if it does not involve skiing. I want to bring in more non-skiing material to fill in the blanks during spring, summer, fall, and yes even those blanks during the winter.

Project A Squared – Your Project A2

What is your dream of adventure and travel? Your trip does not have to be overseas, in fact too many of us do not think of travel within our own regions and nations. Do not be shy!

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