A Weekend of Abba and Blackjack

This is way too funny.

I met up with my brother and father last Friday for our trip up north to ski at Blackjack. I turned on the radio to the ’70s channel and heard an announcement that Abba was going to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Abba has history intertwined with our ski trips and that story continues growing!

The funny thing is, it is not every ski location I associate with Abba. When we go to Ski Brule there is no particular association with Abba, but I strongly associate Abba with skiing the Big Snow Country hills and Blackjack is one of those What an incredible coincidence this was, the weekend we were going to ski Blackjack, Abba is going to be a major part of that weekend.

Did we hear a lot of Abba on the radio? Not as much as we did in the previous story, but from time to time there would be a recollection from someone in Abba (the band, production, management etc,) followed by a song. In between was a lot of the other music from the ’70s (or ’80s or Grateful Dead, or Blue Collar Comedy, etc). Still, it gave us lots of laughs!

These are the things memories are made of!

Good Stuff!

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