Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011!

Happy New Year to all of you! May it be a good one.

2010 in Review

2010 started off with myself resurrecting this website and revamping it. This effort has been fruitful in someways and a struggle in other ways. I met many online folks via Twitter and Facebook. These meetings have been great. I want to call out a few people in particular namely Jason Dodge (@MiSkiReport), Nick Nerbonne (@NickNerbonne), Eric Wagnon (@SkiingExaminer), and Windy City Ski (@WindyCitySki) all of whom I suggest you follow on Twitter. Your conversations and willingness to engage in two way conversations is very encouraging, I hope to actually meet you all someday either on the slopes, with a fishing pole, with a shotgun, or a nine iron (weapon of choice).

Middle of the year I went back to work after a long period of meager work. No fun at all and very depressing at times. However, the work I have is great, the challenge is just right, the people I work with are great, the culture at the organization I work at is top notch. Can’t say enough praises for that group of people (major national retailer), just wish it were closer to home. Again people make it bearable and I say thanks to you John & Loren for sharing the miles and banter on our daily 200 mile commute (100 miles/way).

One thing absent from this year is a stream arising from this venture. I’m brainstorming on making this operation more professional and find ways to use this platform to promote products.

I loved nearly every single moment of the Winter Olympics (men’s single skating is an exception, I can tolerate pairs, and really dig women’s skating). Luge (despite the fatality), skeleton, speed skating, short track skating, ski jumping, cross country skiing, biathlon, downhill, freestyle, super-g, giant slalom, and slalom skiing, curling, ice hockey, and so on. Loved watching it and loved writing about it.

2011 Up and Coming

What do I see in the future? I want to incorporate more multimedia into this effort. Video and more photography — my own photography. I’ve some good justifications on purchasing a new DSLR to go along with my web development practice and photographing gear and skiers.

I see myself expanding into more winter sports. If it is winter and it involves a ski anyway anyhow I hope to start reporting on that action. I want to find events Nordic, Alpine, and Snowmobiling to report on and photograph and perhaps video record.

As always I look to increase my Twitter following — both in terms of those I follow and those who follow myself. I will also occasionally write on my thoughts on social media and what I believe works and does not work. Don’t worry, I do not promote myself as a social media expert, it seems everyone is, and when everyone is an expert no one is.

No matter what year it is I want to thank you for visiting and reading the Wisconsin Skier! Happy New Year.

Good Stuff!

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