Lutsen Expansion

Lutsen Expanding Too!

Lutsen Expansion
Lutsen Mountains is Looking to Expand
Like its step-sister resort Granite Peak, Charles Skinner and Tom Rider owners of Lutsen Mountains are planning a Lutsen expansion. The first step in the works is a new gondola and then they are looking to acquire more leased land to expand facilities and skiable acreage. Once again, they are looking to add more beginner and intermediate runs.

Some friends and I are planning a late season trip to Lutsen and so I will finally get to try out the resort. However, looking at its trail map shows a decent mix of runs but of course adding more runs can only help a resort.

According to Twin Cities dot com:

The new gondola would be just a start, however. Skinner said he hopes to see Lutsen expand onto 400 acres of land that is now part of the Superior National Forest.

“The Forest Service land will increase ski terrain from about 140 acres of ski runs to 300 acres, eliminating crowding on existing runs on our busier days. It will also add easier novice and intermediate runs that are really important to our family market,” he said.

Mr. Skinner makes a comment about competing with Western ski resorts and while one may initially laugh at that, but us Midwestern skiers have a choice to make. We either make one big ski trip or multiple local ski trips, and I believe many opt for the local trips and plan a grand trip every few years. This goes double for family with young skiers or learning skiers. There is little sense to spending big money on a trip and then only utilize a small portion of the resort’s runs.

Like the Granite Peak expansion plan I support the effort and I will be sure to write a review after my trip to Lutsen.

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  1. Thanks so much for the news Wisconsin Skier! Lutsen is my once a year shred zone and cannot wait to see the improvements they hope to build. The high speed lift on Moose mountain was amazing in 2014, long runs and about as close as one can get to Colorado shredding while still being in the midwest. Cool news and your site rules!

  2. Lutsen is the tops! The high speed lift they put in a year ago is crazy awesome and the local hotel has an outside pool.

  3. Lusten will be shred in half after I appear with long time friends and proceed to ski safe while taking in the fine shape of Lake Superior.

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