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Do you own a ski hill?

I suppose the overwhelming response is NO (though I hope at least one ski resort owner is reading this site from time to time), the closest thing to ski venue ownership for myself is this website.

Still, I bet there is a ski resort or ski hill you consider “yours”. One phenomena a lot of people note in Packer fans, especially here in Northeast Wisconsin, is we will first personal pronouns when discussing the Packers. That is one of us may say: we will have to run the ball better in the playoffs, as if we are a team member. Despite many of us having a tenuous ownership stake in the Packers using the first person when discussing the Packers is wrong.

I get the same sense with a certain ski resort too.

I rarely use the English to imply I own the hill but I still consider the hill my own. The reason for this is I have held a number of season passes for the hill and now I usually ski the hill a minimum of six or seven times per year. I know a number of their staff members by name and they recognize myself as well. In addition, I am not shy about sending them notes about what is good and what is not so good.

I want to see the ski hill thrive and prosper. I do not want to see ill happen there, I want to know next winter I can visit that hill of mine. Of course the ownership and staff of the hill do not have to listen to a single thing I say or do, but I get this notion they do (they link to The Wisconsin Skier and have done so since early on) and I have seen them post e-mails of mine on their bulliten board for all to see.

I make time and effort to promote the hill and have received flak for that promotion as well. I do not get paid for that promotion, but in doing so I ensure next year I have a place to do some skiing. None of this is to say my hill is without flaws and problems.

All ski areas in this part of the USA are flawed due to the terrain. Our black diamond runs are medium blues or advanced greens in other locations and by the time you get back to the lift here you would barely be started elsewhere. Still, short of moving or taking pricey vacations (all vacations come with a price that is greater than going to my hill) what are we to do? Sometimes, I believe the resort does a bad job of promoting itself with giving short notice on deals and promotions.

Still, that is my hill and I like it a lot.

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