Mad About March Skiing

Mad about March Skiing -- welcome back Mr. Sun
Welcome back Mr Sun -- a big reason I'm mad about March Skiing!

One of the neatest times to ski, in my opinion is March.

There are a number of reasons for this, some to do with the skiing and some to do with another sport. That other sport of course is NCAA March Madness.

March skiing is neat and the weather is the biggest factor in that. While the weather at our home hill is still very much winter it is a winter without its harsh edge. The temperatures are likely warmer without losing the snow or the likelihood of having some good quality snow dumps. Every skier likes a good snow dump, am I right? Am I right?

When we break it is a lot more likely we will sit on the outdoor deck rather than inside, we want the sun to feel welcome! My brother and I were on the deck one sunny Saturday in early April and it was a super nice day out what could be better than sunshine, beer, chili dogs, and good company? That is not something I see happening in January or February. In fact, when we take a break at this time of the year we do so because we are cold so sitting outside would defeat the purpose of taking the break.

A cup of beer and a ski hill
Here Comes Sunshine!
The return of the sun to the Northern Hemisphere also is a treat for our trips home whether that be back to the cabin or back to hour homes. Headlights are a poor substitute for sunshine especially on roads through the heavy woods. There are not a lot of deer up north now, but they get a lot closer to the road before you can see them. The sunlight aids in being able to see them sooner. Deer are not the only thing we want to see, it is also a treat just to take in the beautiful scenery, the birds (sometimes eagles) and other wildlife.

College Basketball Michigan State vs Florida
Mad about March! Skiing and great College Basetball!
The other real neat thing about March skiing is the atmosphere created by March Madness. Lots of memories of taking breaks in the main lodge and watching the current game, or in fact after the last ride coming and watching a game that is super exciting. Being the Wisconsin Skier I am a fan of the UW Badgers and other Wisconsin teams. I recall staying at Indianhead once during March Madness.

The Badgers were down by 16 points (or so) to Tulsa with around four minutes (or so) left in the game. My brother, father, and the TV production crew were either down about the Badgers’ chances or more interested in the tighter and more exciting Arizona v. Gonzaga game. I refused to disbelieve and found the game on the radio. Sure enough, the Badgers clawed their way back into the game and yes, to victory 60-61. That Arizona v Gonzaga game was a real good one too. Gonzaga was a #9 playing a #1 Arizona. and the ‘Zags took Arizona to 2x overtime, but eventually did lose.

Who can forget last year’s 6 overtime thriller of Syracuse vs. University of Connecticut. #20 Syracuse beat #4 UCONN. Again, I saw that game up at the cabin after a day of skiing. In fact, I wonder why the ski resorts I frequent do not seem to do much to promote skiing at this time of the year with some sort of March Madness theme?

The only problem with March is — it signals the imminent ending of ski season, other than that March is my perfect ski month. What month is your perfect ski month?

Good Stuff!

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