Another Resort to Cross Off

At about 9:10 this morning I had a visitor arrive here at The Wisconsin Skier (thank you for skiing in) searching for terms along the lines of “defunct ski areas in Wisconsin”. I clicked on the link to see how well the site googled with those terms and the #1 hit is a Wiki article and this humble site hits as #2 (there is another Wiki article above here, but that is a sub-listing under the first one). The link Google points to is a reference to my editorial asking ski resorts to stay current but to do so in a way that honors their past.

However, the Wiki article on closed ski areas in Wisconsin noted that Little Switzerland near Slinger Wisconsin was closed. I thought, odd,because I can bring up the website so I went to their website and sure enough they report as being closed and in fact the Wiki reports:

Its equipment was auctioned off on August 17, 2007. It has been reported that the property was purchased by the Cedar Lakes Conservation Foundation, and ownership will eventually go to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and become part of the Polk Kames Ice Age Trail Park.

A Wisconsin ski resort is gone and gone for good. There is no chance someone else will come in and try to get the place running again. This means fewer children in that region will be introduced to skiing. Lets face it, skiers can not travel up north all the time but still want to get some turns in, so they go to the nearest ski resort and bring the whole family along. I used to look forward to viewing that resort as it is easy to see while driving up and down HWY 41, but now I will view it as a ghost and hear the imaginary echos of laughter and screams. I will hear the monotonous sounds of the lifts in operation, sounds that will never again be heard at Little Switzerland.

Good Stuff!

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