Ski Brule and a $60 Carload Weekend

Just a heads up for you all.

Ski Brule is having a carload weekend January 9 and January 10. You and the passengers in your car get lift tickets for $60.00/car load. See here for the details as there are a few restrictions (e.g. buses do not qualify) on the deal.

Make sure you tell them The Wisconsin Skier told you about this!

Why am I telling you this? I am not affiliated with Ski Brule in any official fashion just a frequent customer. I am telling you this so you are aware of what can be a good deal.

Update: This was January 2010. I do not yet know of what January 2011 holds, but I would bet a good amount the weekend of the Superbowl will be a carload weekend.

Good Stuff!

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