Sunday Chilly Sunday!

Staying Warm while Skiing -- a drawing of a cold thermometer
An Exteme Cold Day Image Source Pixabay

I finally managed to get some carving in, and it was good, but it was cold.

We went up north last Friday with the intention of skiing on Saturday. However, looking at the mercury and considering we had a ski-newbie with us we called off the Saturday trip. Figuring a high of 1 ° F or 2° F with wind would be brutal.

Normally, I am fine with such conditions. I dress warmly for it and take breaks to warm up and one can do fine. However, we had my brother’s girlfriend along and it has been ten years since she has skied. So I thought it was going to be a struggle enough with her learning how to ski again without having the brutally cold weather. Instead, I stayed in the cabin and cleaned. The rest of the crew went to Ski Brule to pick up a couple of season passes and to do some shopping.

We had a great dinner and went to bed.

On Sunday the weather was warmer with a high of about 10 &#deg; F. Still that was cold, especially skiing on Brule’s backhill runs where the wind was blowing up. We did go in on a frequent basis to warm up and eventually I broke away from the ski student and her instructor.

Ski Brule was deserted and very rarely would I have to wait for a chair up the hill.

Good Stuff!

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