Ski Brulie at the Winter Olympics!

Just saw a report that should interest regulars of Ski Brule.

However, it involved — snowboarding!

Ski Brule’s Facebook fan page reports:

It’s official! Nick Baumgartner WILL BE AT THE OLYMPICS! We are all so proud of you Nick! Congratuations on reaching your lifetime dream!

Thanks and congratulation Nick! You are providing positive leadership to all youngsters in our hill-challenged region. Dreams, dedication, and hard work are more important than elevation! This is why it is so important to keep those local hills open.

Yeah, it may be that more Olympians have arisen from Snowmass, Breckenridge, Vail, etc but they also come from Ski Brule, Nor-Ski (a former ski resort in Door County), and others.

Even though I do not participate in nor follow closely your sport, I do ski at Ski Brule and your achievement should give all who ski at Ski Brule a thrill!

Get a gold Nick!

Good Stuff!

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