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grays on trays
That is Hardly Gray! Grays on Trays.

grays on trays
That is Hardly Gray! Grays on Trays.
Here at the Wisconsin Skier we focus on skiing and the reason for that is quite simply because I ski. However, not all of us do and that is the reason I often use the term riders — because I do not want to exclude snowboarders from visiting this site. So today, I highlight the website: Grays on Trays for visiting snowboarders or those who are thinking of taking up snowboarding.

Grays on Trays — Trays

The media makes much of a supposed conflict between skiers and snowboarders, but that is hysteria much like the rivalry between Julia Mancuso and Lindsey Vonn. The same here, I find snowboarders no more or less annoying than most skiers I run into and my previous Sharp Edge article talks about a skier being obnoxious to a group of snowboarders. What irked me the most was the tendency of snowboarders to plop down pretty close to the lift off-loading zones but I find that is hardly a problem anymore, in fact, I don’t recall having to dodge a snowboarder in years now.

Grays on Trays — The Youth Factor

However, it seems most of the boarders out there are not boarding so much out of choice but from a sense of rebellion and in doing so become part of a pack and you do not want to conform to that pack as Grays on Trays notes:

Learning how to ride a snowboard is hard enough. If you’re a mature adult looking for information about snowboarding, you shouldn’t have to put up with a website that looks and feels like high school. And if you want to indulge in fake hip-hop or a street culture, there are places for that, too. On the other hand, if you want an introduction to snowboarding that you’d feel comfortable presenting to your boss or the grandmother down the street (or if you ARE the grandmother down the street), come join us. You might even say that we’re trying to make snowboarding safe for boring, conventional people with lives beyond snowboarding.

This is refreshing, maybe skiing is boring you? Maybe you want simply want to find another reason to get outdoors during the winter? If I was to take up snowboarding I would surely not go out and acquire a new wardrobe, new musical tastes, new mannerisms, and I would be more interested in laying down carves. I really like to watch a good snowboarder laying down carves.

Get off of your tail and on your board or boards! Get active and hang with the cool folk at your nearest snow resort. What do you ride?

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