Ski Resorts Owned by Intrawest

One story I have been following is the tribulations of Intrawest the organization that owns the Whistler-Blackcomb ski resort where many of the 2010 Olympic events are being hosted.

You may recall hearing or reading here that Intrawest’s creditors had managed to get an auction scheduled to sell of Intrawest’s holdings to recoup missed debt payments. Intrawest has been selling off resorts and managed to get the auction postponed. This is a current story and the postponed auction was scheduled for last Friday (February 19), yeah right in the middle of the Olympics.

Out of curiosity I went to see what other ski resorts Intrawest owns.

As of this moment (February 23, 2010) Intrawest owns the following ski resorts:

  1. Whistler-Blackcomb
  2. Panorama Mountain Village
  3. Blue Mountain Ski Resort
  4. Mount Tremblant Ski Resort
  5. Steamboat Ski & Resort
  6. Winter Park Resort
  7. Stratton Mountain Park Ski Resort
  8. Mountain Creek Ski Resort
  9. Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort

There is one more on the map, but that is in Florida and does not offer skiing!

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