The Badger Sportsman Meets Blackjack!

NOTE: this offer is now expired. However, continue to visit both the Badger Sportsman and Blackjack via the links below. — The Wisconsin Skier

Blackjack Season Passes Still Cheap!
No Longer $99 but $119 — STILL CHEAP!
Recall in March of 2011 Blackjack ran a 2011-2012 season’s pass special for $99.00! The Wisconsin Skier took advantage of that, did you?

If not, there is still a chance to get cheap Blackjack Skiing in the giant snwomaking machine we call The Lake Superior Snowbelt! Thanks to the Badger Sportsman

The Badger Sportsman
The Badger Sportsman
You can still get a cheap season’s pass for Blackjack! Visit The Badger Sportsman on or before Thanksgiving 2011 (offer expires November 24, 2011) and purchase a one year subscription and the Season’s pass i yours for another $119!

You missed it last March DO NOT MISS IT AGAIN! Please remember to tell them The Wisconsin Skier sent you!

Good Stuff!

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