The Iranian Ski Code’s Additional Line

The Iranian skier’s responsibility code has an additional item the rest of us in this world are not familiar with:

TEHRAN — The first snow of the season fell in Tehran this week, but female ski bums planning to carve fresh lines at one of the three resorts in the Alborz mountain range will be able to hit the slopes only if they are accompanied by a male guardian.

A police circular, reported Thursday on the pro-government EtedaalWeb site, states that women and girls are no longer allowed to ski in the absence of a husband, father or brother.

Now, let us consider some possibilities here:

  1. Iran is looking to increase the number of people on the slopes
  2. That is, last year if there were X women skiing solo, this year there will be at least 2X skiers on the slopes, at least doubling the business of the ski resorts.

  3. Iran’s government is continuing its pattern of the oppression of women.
  4. Nah, that couldn’t be it, could it?


Obviously, I pick door #2 in my list above. Normally, I avoid such topics here at The Wisconsin Skier but I think this is utter BS. I was resident in an Islamic nation for six years and such matters were left to the family’s wishes. This may not be satisfactory for some, but on the whole it worked well. I saw local women who were quite independent and others that were not. The degree of independence each woman had rested with her and her family. Obviously, it is easier to convince the family than it would be to convince some thick-headed dimwit fools in Tehran.

While in the West we are used to such decisions being strictly with each individual I can accept a family based decision, but not a national based decision.

Iran, this black spot in your history may be small in comparison to the many others you have acquired, but it just adds to the huge black blot that is formed by the revolutionary government.

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