Whitefish Lodging Review

Safe and Comfortable

whitefish lodging review -- photo of the Evergreen condo
Safe and comfortable
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After the skiing, the most important thing a ski resort can do is to offer lodging. I do not need luxurious lodging, only safe and reasonably comfortable lodging. Here is my Whitefish lodging review.

Whitefish Lodging Review — Complete Disclosure

I have no financial connections to Whitefish Mountain Resort nor to its lodging partner. The resort or its lodging partner did NOT approach me to write this review. I paid for the trip and lodging with my own personal funds. I went to Whitefish Mountain Resort to ski and nothing else.

In short, there is no pressure on me to write anything other than my own opinions and impressions of Whitefish Mountain Resort.

Whitefish Lodging Review — What Do I Need?

Whitefish Lodging Review -- The Wiscoinsin Skier in the kitchen
In the kitchen
Mainly skiing and access to that skiing. With the blindingly obvious stated I look for lodging that is basic, I do not need opulent luxury. This doesn’t mean I am okay with staying in a flea-bag firetrap. I need the lodging to be safe, secure, and comfortable. The only luxury I require is access to a hottub and I am perfectly okay with sharing a hottub with other skiers.

Oh yeah, I am a bit of a foodie and this means I like to have lodging where I or we do the cooking. I also view doing my own cooking as a cost saving measure, plus I am more sure of the quality and content of the food.

Whitefish Lodging Review — Features and Safety

Whitefish Lodging Review -- in the living room
In the living room/spare bedtroom
I found our lodging at Whitefish Mountain Resort to be quite comfortable. The condo we stayed in was “Lower Evergreen” and was the lower unit in a duplex. There was one bedroom, a full bathroom, a mudroom, a living room, a kitchen and small dining area. The condo was furnished with a TV, murphy bed, sofa, small dining table, refrigerator, stove, microwave, and a washer-dryer. The unit was stocked with towels, sheets, pots & pans, and kitchen tools. The condo came with WiFi and access to a shared hottub.

The bedroom had french door access to the outside and there was a big window in the living room. The room was colored light and brightened things because tall pine trees (plus a big snowbank) shaded the condo. The lighting was good too no complaints there.

Whitefish lodging review -- in the master bedroom
In the master bedroom
I slept on the murphy bed in the living room which was never put back up while we were there. In short the lower evergreen condo unit had all we needed. The condo was also comfortable and there was nothing I saw that gave me safety concerns. The management company and owners are definitely doing its job in maintaining the unit.

Whitefish Lodging Review — Comfort

No complaints there, electric baseboards provided the heating and the temperature responded rapidly to thermostat adjustments. The floor (except for the kitchen and bathroom) were carpeted and very nice on the feet.

Again, it is fair to say the condo provided good comfort and shelter.

Whitefish Lodging Review — Location

whitefish lodging review -- photo of the Home Again trail access
Access to the Skiing Close By!
Our condo was located right off of the Home Again ski trail. Since we were in the lower ski trail access was trivial. Returning was similarly easy. Our condo was not close to the village but it was far from far and was an easy walk to or from. This was nice as we could indulge our tastes for beers after skiing and walk back to the onsite bars after dinner.

I took a stroll around on my short day of skiing and the proximity of the condo to the village made it easy and a very nice walk. In addition, the souvenir, basic grocery shopping, and the rental shops were a walk away. If the walk is too much for you, there are shuttles that you can hop on and they will get to where you need to be.

However, the ski village does have one upscale restaurant the Kandahar lodge restaurant and again it is an easy walk from any point in the resort lodging village. However, there is no nearby night-club and for that you will either have to drive to the city or take the shuttle. So the only weakness in the lodging is its distance from “serious nightlife”.

Whitefish Lodging Review — Other

Lodging at Whitefish also gives you access to a common swimming pool, hottub, and exercise equipment. I did not check that out on this trip but will be sure to do so on my next trip (already booked).

Whitefish Lodging Review — In Summary

In short, I had no problem with the lodging at Whitefish and I suspect it only gets better from where I was. In fact, Me and others are already booked back into Lower Evergreen for a 2018 return trip! Way to go Whitefish!

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