Skiing Fast Skiing in Control

Yesterday, I noted on myself skiing fast and pushing myself to ski faster. A few things must be noted about that effort.

Even when out of control, I was in control

I am not trying to be cute here. I was at times in a tight tuck and schussing the fall line. When you are flat on your skis and more so when flat on your skis and tucked you are not in full control. Even though I was “out of control” I was able to pop up out of my tuck and quickly reengage my edges to regain full control. Very important, schussing the hill because you can’t do it any other way is frightening and dangerous, schussing the hill because you want to and can regain full control is exhilarating!

The Ski Hill was Practically Empty

No need to worry about crowds on the hill, especially this run. On one of my speed runs I saw people at the top of the headwall, so I popped up out of my tuck turned across the fall line and was in perfect control when I hit the headwall and was able to ski around the people and proceed down the run.

I was Focused Solely on Speed

One of the thrills I get when skiing is feeling all of the forces at work when I am carving a good turn, in addition to the motions I need to make to get the skis to turn and do what I want them to. In fact, I really love to ski NASTAR amateur racing, where part of the challenge is to turn according to another’s whim.

However, going as fast as safely possible is a thrill too. Coming up to the lodge by skiing up the runoff and showering everyone on the deck with a spray of snow is a neat feeling!

Speed With Control

Skiing without control is a hazard to yourself and others, control without speed is — boring. Strive to ski fast, but the first thing is to learn how to turn and stop.

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