Burning Snow

What am I doing today? Am I carving up Ski Brule like it was a Thanksgiving Day turkey? Nope, I am jockeying a vacuum cleaner and dreaming of carving up Ski Brule (or any hill for that matter) like it was a Thanksgiving Day turkey.

The reason is simple, one week and one day ago The Wisconsin Snow Bunny returned from an extended vacation. She was away for three weeks attending a family reunion and just getting in some well deserved relaxation at home.

While The Wisconsin Snow Bunny (i.e. my wife) was away I focused on reviving this venue working to build it up and build a community of skiers and venue to promote snow sports in the Upper Midwest. All signs show the effort is paying off and is encouraging me to more formally establish this site and The Wisconsin Skier. For that dear readers I say thank you! Every time you lift me to a new high it gives me a squirt of blogger-juice to raise it even more! Kinda like once I ski a hot run it eventually becomes boring and I want to take on and meet a greater challenge!

The reason I am burning snow is because I want to be with The Wisconsin Snow Bunny. Next week though serious carving will happen.

More about next weekend!

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