Skiing on Mud

This weekend I was skiing with friends and family at Indianhead Mountain and at Blackjack.

Saturday was a good day, with lots of fresh snow and for the most of the day the snow continued to fall. I like it but it is a head game, I have to get my head right to ski it properly and break out of that defensive mode. Lots of fluffencrud, cut up fresh snow that is not hard enough to push back seriously but causes enough irregularity to make skiing a challenge.

However, the next day was interesting. The weather was at or below freezing and as I noted the snow really never let up, but the next day the snow conditions were of warm spring snow. More curiously, the snow all had a light brown tint to it. It was slow and grabby, I would be skiing and the snow was causing me to work hard to keep my fore-aft balance. You know the schtick, a pile of slow snow grabs your boards and you pitch forward and then you get back into faster snow and your legs are working to keep you out of the backseat.

I was not the only one to notice, talking with others about this it was apparent everyone was making the same observations as I was.

Then we see this:

Duluth, MN (Northland’s NewsCenter) – Is the snow brown in your town? Reports have come in that brown dust is falling along with the snow from Duluth to Knife River to Alborn. Chief Meteorologist Adam Clark found the reason: “Dust showed up in Kansas on visible satellite about 1-2 days ago. The thought is that the dust got wrapped up into our current low and created our dirty snow.

I have seen this before and at Blackjack too! However, there was some serious late spring skiing conditions on too, but that same brown tint to the snow was also present.

Good Stuff!

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