The 2011-2012 Snow Season Comes to a CRASHING Halt!

Skiing ABCs F is for Falling -- A skier in midst of a crash
Falling is a Part of Skiing. Source: Big Stock

So, the 2011-2012 snow season comes to a crashing halt, and when I say crashing I am being personal and literal.

I skied last Saturday at Ski Brule and the temps were very balmy with temperatures in the 70° F range. In fact, I was going in to cool down! Think the snow was bad?

Surprisingly, no, I found the snow to be in good (but soft) shape. I had waxed up with some Swix CH10 and I found plenty relatively untracked and firm snow at the sides of the trails, made for some fun fun skiing.

However, it all came to a crashing halt on my second run down Big Bear. I was cruising the side keeping tight to the fall line and all was well. I got to the bottom on the flats and took a left tack across the run and started a right turn to ride up to the lodge. My speed was around 40-45 mph when time slowed down — yes I started to crash. I don’t know why, but all of a sudden I was tumbling on the snow, a ski released, poles were left behind, my cap came off, my right sunglass lens was snow covered, and I came to a halt.

I knew I hit the snow hard, my left side told me so, but all else seemed well. I raised my arm (we use that as an all-okay indication following a waterski crash) and removed my remaining ski. I then decided I needed to get some air.

That was not happening! I could exhale, but not inhale! After a couple more attempts increasing my concentration each time, I finally managed to inhale. I don’t know how long that was, but I suppose it was a five second episode or so.

I collected my yard sale, trudged back up to the main lodge and called it a day. The next day I was sore and hurting and then the weather brought the ski season to a halt.

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  1. Some would venture to say that the ski season came to a crashing start as well 🙂 I finally got some powder turns in last weekend in Tahoe during a cold dump. Better late than never… but also probably my last pow shots of the season.

    Sorry ’bout the Badgers last night 🙁

  2. Lane,

    Thanks for reading and contributing your thoughts.

    Yeah, this snow season can not be said to have arrived in the first place and when it “did” it was kinda grim, lots of avalanche deaths, lots of deaths in-bounds and while it makes little difference as the season is over, I am still hurting from last weekend’s crash.

    As far as the Badgers go, yeah it was a tough loss, but the Badger played a good team hard and took them to the last second. The commentators did have some very good points about the need to call a timeout with about 4 seconds left and of course the fact the Badgers can only move the ball by passing. I don’t think the Badgers need 5 guys who can put the ball onto the maple but it would be very helpful to have one or two who can.

    BTW, I apologize, I have been very thoughtless and will make sure your site is in my links here, if you can link my site, I will add you to my friends category along with a logo link.

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