Off Ski Season Activities

What do you do, during the off ski season?

Work -- a pack of cyclists producng work
Work work work work work!

What do you do when it is off ski season?

As I have noted, my ski season is truly over. When it is my toes working the hardest when skiing things are truly over. You know what, I am okay with that, I have lots of things to do during the summer and many of them are actually to keep and get me in better ski shape.

Like many skiers I am a cyclist and I spend lots of time during the summer riding my bicycle. I am a road cyclist and during the summer I look to go up the hills. Unfortunately, the lack of nearby mountains affects my summer sport as much as it does my winter sport. In the winter I want to go down the mountains and during the summer I want to go up the mountains. Yes I know many hate bicycling up hills, but I’m looking for the challenge to my cardiovascular and muscular systems and neither are challenged by riding on flats.

Off Ski Season — Bicycling

Off Ski Season Activities -- Cycling
Dire Wolf Collects his Miles
My favorite off ski season physical activity is easily bicycling and I now log my cycling distance in term of thousands of miles. I have a lofty goal of 3,125 miles this season, but I am off to a slow start and I see myself spending more time creating content for this and other websites. However, I think 2,000+ miles is a good silver medal target for my myself.

Bicycling challenges my legs both in terms of musculature and my cardiovascular health. I get good strong and enduring legs for skiing thousands of feet of vertical in a given day. I was able to ski nearly non-stop (with a lunch break) throughout an entire day and barely feel like it was an effort. The next day my legs were ready for another day of skiing. I am losing weight and this helps protect my knees and hips from excessive wear.

Follow me and my bicycling on Stava!.

Off Ski Season — Website Development

I develop websites on the side (such as this site) for others. I do not do it in a big way, but enough that it helps me professionally and financially. I am hoping to utilize this and redevelop some websites I already have out there and develop a few more and promote those sites so those clients get more well-deserved attention and more business. I hope to put the earnings from this work to ski travel next season. I am now confident I can ski west and east w/o like seeming like a clueless gaper newbie, but more about that later.

Off Ski Season — Others

Other activities I actively engage in during the off ski season:

  • Fishing
  • Gardening
  • Lawn and yard maintenance
  • Cooking (barbecue in the true sense of the word)
  • Hunting

At all times I try to keep moving and active and in general most of my activities I am able to tie into my love of skiing! What do you do during the off ski season to keep yourself from being bored and keeping your fitness up?

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